Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vengeful Threads Joins 60L$ Weekends!

Starting this weekend we are switching things up! We have joined the ranks of awesome for 60L$ weekend and this weekend we have 4 awesome offerings out for just 60L$ each!

The first is one of my all time favorite sets for the ladies! At 60L$ it is totally a steal with all the options it comes with! Gothic Cross is a mix and match outfit with all sorts of options for you to make the outfit you need for any occasion!

Next up we have a very detailed unisex piercing that is just plain gorgeous! 

For the boys we have the Tribal Vision Trio outfit. Perfect for the boys to show off their bodies for the ladies and in three different colors so it has something for many different looks.

And of course we can't forget the petites! The petite ladies have the sexy Dragoness outfit out on sale for the weekend. 

So we are turning over a new leaf this fall with the start of our joining in 60L$ weekends! 
Come grab these deals before the leaf blowers come midnight Sunday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Special - Halloween Cabaret 2012

Out excessively for this Halloween season to disappear forever after and only 50L$ this outfit is a steal! With a sexy Full sized version and a sexy petite version all the ladies can have themselves a sexy Cabaret Halloween!

Grab this sexy spooky deal before it's gone for good!

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Release - Dia De Los Muertos Sweaters

With Halloween right around the corner it means other holidays are too, with that in mind Vengeful Threads brings you the colorful mesh Dia De Los Muertos sweater to keep you warm while you celebrate. The black version is a must have complete with pants and belt (and 50% off to the Vengeful Bitch group).

If black isn't enough for you there is also colored versions in the Gatcha machine for 50L$ a pop! These are only the sweater, but they are well worth it if you like a splash of color in your life like I do!


Come grab some of these sexy sweaters before the sugar skulls melt form all this hawtness!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Special Halloween Release! - Bloody Euphoria

Just for whats left of October Vengeful Threads has a special release out! Bloody Euphoria is a twist on one of our classics covered in blood and with added tattoos and a belt, this outfit is a must have for a twisted Halloween wardrobe!

Grab this deal before the horseman mistakes it for his head and runs away with it All Hallows Eve!

Sacred Cross - 69L Weekend

As all hallows eve approaches gothic clothing is in demand and what better way to get some then on sale? This weekend's sexy outfit from Vengeful Threads comes in a male and female version and is sure to be the envy of every vampire you happen to cross paths with, well except the cross part...

Sacred Cross is a very elegant but simple gothic outfit that works for any occasion that black is appropriate attire.

And we can't forget the petites! This week we are dressing the boys again with Evolution Nyx. This is another beautiful gothic outfit that the petite men can enjoy.

Come grab these deals before they disappear!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

69L Weekend Sale Time - Harlequin Outfits

We are switching it up this week and sucking the color right out of our biggie outfits with these beautiful Melancholy Harli outfits for Men and Women!  That's right we are serving up an outfit for the girls and the boys this weekend. 

No this doesn't mean we for got about the petites. The sexy little men have an outfit all their own this week. Crimson Noir is a tasty leather studded outfit and only this cheap for a few short days.

Come grab these outfits before a certain rainbow obsessed model gets a hold of the store again and adds a bit more color to the wardrobe.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekend Sale Time Again! Nissa for only 69L!

It is time once again for the 69L$ weekend sale at Vengeful Threads! This week we decided to add a splash of color to your wardrobe. The beautiful earthy Nissa adds a splash of summer color before the cold hits hard for fall. Both the full sized and Petite version are on sale this weekend for only 69L$. This beautiful outfit is perfect for RP and versatile with its ability to hide you in a tree or make your presence know with its seductive playfulness.

Nissa makes a cute outfit for a pixie to play in!

Come grab this deal before Fall catches up with it!