Friday, November 30, 2012

Time For Some Cherry Bop 'n' Pop

60L$ weekend time once again and this week we have some awesome cherry flavored rockabilly style deals for everyone! Lets start off with the sexy boys. They get some sexy Cherry Poppin for only 60L$ this weekend.

Then for the lovely ladies we have some Cherry Bop for only 60L$ this weekend.

And we can't forget the petite they get to join in the Cherry Bop fun too this weekend!

So hop on over and grab these deals before they bop their way out the door Sunday night.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fifty 5 Thursday Time - Periwinkle Spark

It is that time of the week again for a special Thursday deal! 
This week the ladies have a simple yet sexy outfit available to them for only 55L. The glitterific Periwinkle Spark outfit is a must have to brighten up your week before the weekend arrives.

Grab this deal before it expires like Disco did!

Friday, November 23, 2012

60L Weekend Time Again

This weekend we have  stuff for all the regular sized avis out there for 60L this weekend only!
First on our list is the Unisex PVC pants in EIGHT different colors! Each pair is 60L$ this weekend only so now is the time to grab all your favorite colors!

Next up we have the scrumptious Multi Color Hand Pasties & Thong Megapack! 
All of the colors in one convenient package!

Lastly we have the lovely delicate silver nose chain with texture change gems that is a perfect addition to any ladies bag of accessories!

Come grab these deals before they run away on Cyber Monday!

Black Friday Sale!

It is that time of year where everyone rushes out the day after thanksgiving to get all the great deals on Christmas presents in the US and it has totally taken over SL too. This year Vengeful Threads is offering up the ever sexy Garreth outfit as a Black Friday sale priced at only 99L$ for a very limited time! Even better is the fact that there are three versions so be you a guy a girl or a petite you still get a chance to take part in this awesome Black Friday Sale!

Come get this sale before the leftover turkey is gone as well as this deal! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Enchanted Frost Hunt - Prizes Form Vengeful Threads

Vengeful Threads is taking part in the Madpea Enchanted Frost Hunt this November 16th to December 22 and has out two awesome outfits hidden in the hunt item.

There is the lovely Snow Dolly for the women.

And the ever sexy Frost outfit for the men.

Come get hunting before these awesome prizes thaw out.

60L Weekends Featuring a Knight in Shiny Chainmail

This weekend your knight in shiny armor is coming to rescue you with this great deal! For only 60 L$ you get the male or female version of the ever sexy Modern Knight outfit.

There is much to love with this mix of leather and chainmail no matter the body it is on.

Come grab this deal before the Dragon (or the killer rabbit) tries to chase your Knight away.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fifty5 Thursdays Goodies at Vengeful Threads

Vengeful Threads has joined up with Fifty5 Thursday and is now bringing you more awesome discounted goodies every Thursday! This week we have some stuff for the ladies and for the guys.

For the ladies we have two ends of the spectrum with the first being the Hippie Chick Trio full of flower power and skin tight goodness.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Shredded Skull Trio full of sexy punk vibes and don't mess with me attitude.

And we won't forget the boys. This week their outfit for Fifty5 Thursday is Legacy in Brown, and this manly outfit is all leather and no lace.

Come grab these great deals before they declare TGIF and disappear!

Friday, November 9, 2012

60L Weekend Time Again - Something for Everyone

This weekend for 60L Weekends Vengeful Threads has out something for everyone! 

For the sexy ladies we have the vibrant purple ensemble that is the Jaded Dolly Outfit in Purple. This outfit comes with a few different options to mix and match to make the look your own.

For the smaller petite sexy ladies we have out the Party Rock'n Set 1, which is the sexy outfit in the colorful trio of Vibrant Green, Magenta, and Purple versions.

And we won't forget the boys. This week the guys get the sexy Sabine outfit in the beautiful Sapphire color all to themselves.

We have included every one this week so come snag these great deals before they go away like Cinderella's carriage at the stroke of midnight Monday morning!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Womenstuff Hunt Time!

This round of the Womenstuff Hunt Vengeful Threads has joined in the fun! The hunt started November second and goes until January second, however there is a catch halfway through the hunt the hunt prize changes so really you only have a month to grab the sexy outfit! 
Want a peek of what you get?

Yes sexy purple and all you have to do is hunt a little! Come get hunting before the prize changes!

60L Weekends - Sugar Boots

It is that awesome time again for a great weekend sale! This week Vengeful Threads has out a new pair of boots to match the recent released Dia De Los Muertos Sweaters! These sexy mesh boots match the sweaters perfectly and are colorful and versatile for all of you skully over the knee boot needs!

Come snag these sexy boots before the dead walk off with them.